Feeding youngstock

It is not uncommon for a general stud mix to be recommended as being suitable for all types of breeding and youngstock, which we believe is just not the case. 

Recent and ongoing research suggests a relationship between the glycemic nature of feed and the incidence of skeletal disorders, such as osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) in young horses. High-glycemic feeds are those that produce a large blood glucose response post feeding, such as cereal grains and molasses. It appears that the normal bone formation processes in young horses are being disrupted by the elevated blood insulin (hyperinsulinemia) concentrations following the consumption of a diet rich in starch and sugars. In foals, hyperinsulinemia may affect chondrocyte maturation, leading to altered matrix metabolism and faulty mineralisation of bone. OCD lesions occur on the articular cartilage, which is the cartilage at the end of the bones that protects the joints. The skeleton starts as cartilage, so if there is a problem in the maturation of that cartilage, it can set the stage for lesions to develop.Not all young horses are affected, but some are more sensitive to high levels of glucose and insulin than others, and research suggests that it would be prudent to feed foals concentrate feeds that produce a low-glycemic response.

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Level-Grow Mix web crop

LEVEL-GROW™ Mix has been formulated to be fed like a conventional stud feed and uses unique carefully selected, low glycemic ingredients, such as alfalfa, sugar beet and soya hulls. High levels of soluble carbohydrates have been replaced by fats and “Super-fibres” as alternative energy sources. Stamm 30® is included to provide nutrient continuity.   

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Level-Grow™ Pencils also use ingredients to provide alternative energy sources that produce a minimal glycemic response after digestion. After weaning, Level-Grow™ Pencils would be the sole concentrate given to young, growing horses up to the age of three to promote normal growth patterns and more manageable behaviour.  



Stamm30 web crop

If you have a young, growing horse that is likely to gain excess weight if fed the recommended quantity of a stud feed I will often suggest using Stamm 30, our high specification stud balancer, to allow feed quantities to be reduced, whilst ensuring micronutrient levels are not compromised.Saracen STAMM 30® is a highly concentrated source of essential proteins, with patented vitamins, minerals and yeasts designed to supplement all classes of horses that require additional nutritional support from performance horses to breeding stock. It can be fed alone when additional calories (energy) are not called for, or to top dress the ration to upgrade the nutrient spec of the ration. Saracen STAMM 30® utilizes bioplex minerals required for correct skeletal development and maintenance of the horse. A specifically designed yeast culture has been incorporated for normal microbial activity, which supports efficient fibre digestion and maintains favourable digestively related bacteria counts in the hindgut.  



For a personalised feeding plan for your breeding or youngstock, please complete our simple and free Feed Advice form. Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to one of our qualified nutritionists for some immediate advice, please call our feed advice line on 01622 718 487