Busy preparing for the 5* at Royal Windsor Horse Show 

Each winter I take my horses on a tour to Southern Spain and Portugal. Escaping the wet and cold of the UK keeps the horses happy and a regular schedule of competition brings them up to speed for the season ahead.I have just returned from my latest twelve week stint having competed on the 2* and 3*  circuit with my team of horses. The tours most commonly comprise of three weeks of competition followed by a week off before the next three week tour starts.

My three main competition horses I took to Spain:

Crack Van Overis

Crack Van Overis, although the 11yo is a new horse for me this season, having ridden him for the first time at Olympia in 2016. He is inexperienced at Grand Prix level but is improving with every class. He will be jumping the bigger classes for me at Windsor. He’s already jumped some good rounds, at Liverpool he jumped double clear in the 4* 1.50m and multiple double clears in the 2* and 3* ranking classes during my most recent tour.


Chesterfield is also 11yo and I have had this great character since he was a 5 year old. People love him, as he is an exciting horse to watch, he has a very exuberant jumping style which always wows the crowd. He doesn’t have a naturally athletic physique but he more than makes up for it with both style and speed, he’s stepped up to the 1.45m ranking classes and is competing with great consistency.


Edison, rising 8yo has stepped up a gear in the last few weeks. In January he was jumping 1.20m and now he’s jumping the 1.45m ~World ranking classes. I’m really excited about his potential. We recently found out he has several food allergies. With Saracens help we have devised a nutrition plan that has really seen him excel, I put a large part of his recent improvement down to his change in diet.

2017 4 19 Anna Power Spain

I’m very proud to have been invited to the very first 5* at Royal Windsor in May. It isn’t a final decision as yet, but I will probably be taking Crack Van Overis and Edison. I’ll take the boys to some smaller shows in preparation for Royal Windsor and also hope to compete at Bolesworth in June as well.

Matthew my husband, Mum, Dad and Bina Ford are all joint owners of my horses and we work as a great team. They encourage me every step of the way and give me huge support. I plan to stay in the UK more this year as I spent such a large amount of time travelling last year and am looking forward to competing at some of the great shows we have in the UK.

I am so proud to be rated in the top 10 in Great Britain and I had an amazing 2016 so bring on 2017!