Introducing Michelle

Michelle Williamson is a BHSII SM registered instructor – UKCC level 3. This is the first of her 'behind the scenes' blogs, giving an insight to the life at White Horse Liveries

Feeling slightly daunted where do you start when you are asked to write a blog about your daily life with horses and all the bits in between. Probably by just saying a little bit about yourself first – I devote the majority of my time to working with, training, talking about, teaching and competing horses. Life is busy – early mornings, long hours seven days a week but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Since 2011 I have successfully managed White Horse Liveries in Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, which is going from strength to strength. Alton Barnes being famous for its beautiful white horse carved in the hills, crop circles and fantastic hacking!

June 2015

Let’s start blogging!

Feeling slightly shattered this morning as have spent the weekend sleeping in the back of a transit van, watching the TT racing on the Isle of Man a birthday treat for my long suffering boyfriend.



But now great to be back on the yard at White Horse Liveries, the best place to be first thing in the morning – blissfully peaceful until my big WB Dennis clocks me and starts kicking the door for his breakie – Saracen Enduro no less. I try to give him a quick hug, but he says no just give me my breakfast!
Having been away for a few days my mobile phone has been pinging and the diary is stacking up quickly. 8am – yard staff meeting planning the day a quick cuppa then lets crack on ........

Best laid plans:

Lots to get through today as have a ‘Hen Party’ to get to in Yorkshire this weekend. 
Need to be highly organised so that I can leave at 8am on Friday, for a weekend packed full of fun, white water rafting (looking forward to this), a day at the races, and finally a street dancing class – not so keen on this.
But best laid plans and all that I didn’t account for the fact that a four year old mare would get spooked in the school and put its rider on the floor at speed. Trip to A&E for rider (who luckily was only very badly bruised), but the outcome was one person down on the yard the next day – had to postpone going to Yorkshire until 3pm on Friday – missed white water rafting as I was sat on the M6 for what seemed like hours – and a 3.5 hour trip turned out to take 5 hours.

Swapped riding hat for a flower for a day at the races – this is definitely not my usual look!

Update on badly bruised rider:


    • needs a new riding hat to replace the hat that now has a big dent in it
    • a visit to the Chiro to re-align her pelvis and a trip to the Physio
    • A few days off work to recover and she tells me she is ready to get back on!


Very aware that this blog so far has been about me gallivanting about and nothing to do with horses! Don’t want to mention it but I also have a weeks holiday in Greece coming up – but lots of horsey stuff to fit in before then.

Sad times:

Taking two youngsters to a dressage party at West Wilts this morning both scoring a very respectable 69% each in their respective prelim dressage tests. Then had to head back quickly to the yard for an interview with Haddon Training with an apprentice we are just about to employ – lots of paper work to complete. And finally ending the day on a very sad note as one of the horses on the yard a real character who has been there longer than I have is sadly being put to rest. He has given his owner so much fun and pleasure over the past years – we will all miss him. A very quiet and sombre yard as we all leave this evening.


Coming up Nunney International Horse Trials – Mickie tackling his first Intermediate track. Sunday - 8am out for a gallop, we are so lucky to have the Pewsey downs our doorstep, makes fittening work so much easier.

Tuesday show jumping at Summerhouse EC   - Mickie jumps his socks off over a huge 1.20 course – just touching a pole on a big one strided double.  Mickie fed on Saracen Re-leve and Equi Jewel and looks absolutely fabulous – keeps him sane but provides lots of stamina.

Got to look beautiful for Nunney! Bath, mane and tail wash – thank you Cynthia. Mickie has promised he will not roll in his box and cover himself in pooh by tomorrow morning!
Sunday 5am start – Mickie almost kept his promise just had to wash off a few pooh stains. Left yard at 6.15am – dressage at 9am – feeling excited.

Jumping with the ‘Big Boys’ - Nunney International Horse Trials

Love Nunney such a great event and really looking forward to the prospect of Mickie’s first intermediate.
First dressage – an area we have worked hard on over the winter and it is beginning to pay off. Pleased with his test, he managed to contain himself and scored a respectable 38. Show jumping looked huge, with a treble of a triple bar to two uprights which looked tricky. Mickie jumped a superb clear round absolutely gave it his all – Sarah Francis his owner and I were just so pleased with him.

A big step up Intermediate cross country today for Mickie. He started the course boldly, but began to show his inexperience and a little green through some of the combinations.
Second from last fence was a double of whacking great brush hedge corners, which we jumped to big over the first and then unable to make the second, so had to put in a quick circle and then popped it. These corners caused a lot of problems over the day.
All in all a great first intermediate run - will learn a lot from today.