Bicton International Horse Trials – Intermediate    An unexpected 10th place! 

A quick update from Michelle Williamson on how she got on at Bicton Horse Trials, holidays and a biscuit theif. 

After deciding not to travel to Bicton the day before the event, we settled for a very long day on Sunday. Horrendous weather as we headed along the motorway and we seriously thought all would be cancelled by the time we got there. Mickie performed what we considered a good test particularly his medium trot which is now improving rapidly – the only whoopsie being when he shot off after being unsettled by a loud noise which came from the lorry park! Jumping is where Mickie shows you exactly what he is all about and as usual he performed to his best working in such a rhythm and popping the jumps – we just got it ‘wrong’ to number 7 and rolled a pole. On to cross country, after many torrential down pours, our aim was to do a nice steady clear round - a confidence giver before our next event at Gatcombe 2*. A slight ‘Sat-Nav’ malfunction from his co-pilot steering around the wrong side of a tree and having to ‘turn around when possible’ resulted in a fab clear round with just 16 time penalties. Another brilliant ‘Intermediate Run’ for Mickie coming away with an unexpected 10th placing, so much to look forward to, he is an awesome pony.

The morning after the day before .....

Mickie feeling very tired this morning after a long day at Bicton yesterday. Here he is tucking into his breakfast the most important meal of the day - Saracen Re-leve and Equi-Jewel.

The cupboard was bare – or should I say biscuit tin!

Much consternation at White Horse Liveries in the common room as the biscuit tin was empty by the weekend – audit and general discussions on who is eating them all – has now resulted in biscuit rationing! Opps just got to wipe those biscuits crumbs off my lap!

Well earned breaks ......

Everyone seems to be taking their holidays in August, which are well deserved. Louise is soaking up the sun in Spain for 2 weeks whilst I will be soaking up the rain in Jersey! Jen is taking pot luck with the weather in the UK, and Dev is going for a late break in September. Thanks to everyone for taking on extra shifts and ensuring the yard is working like clockwork over the last few busy months. 

Elmwood Unaffiliated ODE

A trip to Elmwood for All Night Dinah, who picked up a 4th place rosette producing a good dressage test and a lovely double clear. We were entertained all day by Katie who did a fantastic job grooming despite all the mud!

Taking a breather

Just love this special horse (Dan) owned by Nicky – he is so much fun and will put up with almost anything even me taking a quick nap.


Watch this space!! Exciting times are ahead in the next few months for White Horse Liveries and all will be explained  in next months blog, so do keep an eye out!