Where has the time gone? Just haven’t got round to putting my ‘blogging head’ on, but with the New Year now upon us it’s about time I put pen to paper!

The trouble with me is I get an idea and then I don’t stop (nagging as my long term suffering partner would say) until I get it done or add it to my ‘To do’ list.

Items now ticked off my ‘To do’ list –

1. Planning permission granted for Horse Walker.

2. Fab, used Horse Walker found and dismantled, ground work completed and Horse walker reconstructed! Horse walker now in daily use -just don’t know how we managed without one. But we do have one silly horse that has completed 2 laps going round backwards!

3. Winter paddocks now complete, fencing done, water troughs in and horses enjoying some lovely winter pasture.

4. Re-arranged ‘common room’ – bought a second hand dishwasher – which I know sounds like a luxury, but washing up was not high on the list of priorities and now we have lovely clean cups as long as someone has stacked the dishwasher and switched it on!

5. Changed lighting in stables and yard to save on electricity costs and as a bonus the lights are much brighter.

6. Permanent roof structure now over the straw


Projects for the future – get in the tack/rug room and sort it out! And what does everyone think of putting in water feeders in stables?


White Horse Liveries Christmas Party

White Horse Liveries Christmas Party was a hoot – this year we made a short video based around Question of Sport – guess the mystery person. Starring myself and Louise drinking tea as our ‘mystery person’ dressed up as Father Christmas does all the yard work as we stand by watching/moaning, ending on him getting on Holly dressed as Rudolph and riding off into the distance!

Chrimbo Presents

Just had to buy my big chunky Dennis a Haybar for Christmas - He says it needs a special compartment to put his ‘Saracen Enduro-Performance’ in and then it would be perfect!

ety first ....

Sporting my new ‘Hi-Viz’ waistcoat bought for me by Nikki and Nicky – who are insisting I should wear it at all times, and I have listened – I know they are right and safety is extremely important. Dennis says “Surely you are not going to hack me out dressed up like this!”


Horses –what’s going on

My Man Mickie back from his holidays has been clipped and now beginning to look like an intermediate eventing horse and not a woolly bear.

All Night Dinah back after injury ready to compete this season.

Dennis continuing to compete with British Dressage.

Orange my 4 year old is coming on nicely and had her first canter the other day – I think she is going to become a smart little horse.

And very excited by a new ride I have ‘Jenga’ a lovely 5 year old mare just starting out on her competitive career. 


Just lately my cooking skills have come into question (nothing to do with the fact I have a kitchen but never cook) and to prove a point I insisted I would cook dessert for friends. Cooking is definitely not as easy as it looks – meringues slightly burnt, mouse not really set properly and renamed ‘slop’ but tasted good – and ice cream took two goes to get it right as the first attempt resembled scrambled eggs. #muchratherbemixinghorsefeeds



Looking forward to 2016 – Happy New Year to you all.