The Dressage Convention

We have just finished a very exhausting but successful Dressage Convention.

This is the third one and everyone found it very useful and our guest riders and instructors were great. I personally found Michael Klimke’s demonstration very interesting. Michael is son of the legendary Dr Reiner Klimke, who to this day remains the most successful of all Olympic dressage riders with six gold and two bronze medals to his name, Michael is also brother to Ingrid Klimke, twice Olympic gold medallist with the German Eventing Team. Michael runs his late father’s iconic stable yard in Munster from which so many champions have sprung, together with heading up the family law firm. His training methods were very clear and precise and he really gave the audience some great feedback and tips.

It was great to see lots of sponsors at the Convention. I work with some great brands and it’s nice to be able to see them all and say Hi.


I recently published a book about Valegro so it’s been a bit busy doing lots of book signings. I feel as though I have signed every copy that’s been printed. But the good news is that it’s sold very well and they are re printing it. We had a great time at HOYS and I signed hundreds of books there too!

BD National Championships

The National Championships seems like an age ago – but it was only a month ago. As I was committed to go to Saumur I wasn’t riding at the Nationals but of course was on hand to help all the great pupils who work hard all year round to qualify for this great show. Charlotte won her first National Champion title on Barolo. He is still only very young and inexperienced at that level so for him to win against such established partnerships and top British riders was a proud moment for me. It also goes to show that our training methods and way of producing horses works.

I had a successful time after the Nationals in Saumur at the end of September with one of my new (ish) rides Wanadoo. I have only had him since the beginning of this year and he has improved so much. We were delighted with the 69.66% and 4th place in the Grand Prix, as the winning score was 70.92%. Our Kur was great and Wanadoo really did DOO well with a first place and score of 76.75%. We had a few blips in the one tempi’s but everything else was so much more improved.


Young Horses

So with the autumn well and truly upon us it’s time to start the young horses! Luckily for me I have a team of young working pupils who are brave enough to sit on the newly broken in babies. Some of them are straight forward and some are a little trickier. But as they develop their confidence and start hacking around the lanes it makes things easier. They all also live out in the fields which I think is always the best option for a youngster, it keeps them calmer and much easier to work with. There is no point feeding a young horse too much hard feed and keeping it in a stable – it is asking for trouble. A good feed balancer and plenty of field time makes a sensible dressage horse – well that’s the theory, tune in next month to see if that’s still the case….