Sara Howe and her team of ginger welsh ponies are bronze medal winners for Great Britain and 5 x national champion in pony driving. This year the team have been joined by a couple of new ponies and to the Gingers horror they're grey!!!! Read on to hear about their antics so far this season...


Clip Clogg, Clip Clogg to Holland here we come! This year has seen another very successful season for team Ginger Howes and their two new NEIGH..bours! This was an important year because the competitions were selection events for the Pony World Championships being held in Breda, Holland in September.  The first selection event was held at Catton in Derbyshire where Sara tried out the two newcomers in the team in the lead for dressage. The ponies went well for their first outing of the season and at the end of the competition finished 1st and at the top of the leader board! The whole team were thrilled with this result. The second outing was a much larger stage at The Royal International Horse Show Windsor where the two greys in the lead had a bit of stage fright and unfortunately did not behave quite so well in front of royalty! This resulted in a poor dressage mark and meant that everyone had to work much harder on the marathon. After a good drive on the cross-country and a respectable cones round the team finished 6th.

May was a busy month with 3 events for us, the final one was over 600 miles away at Hopetoun in Scotland. This was a very long journey and required an overnight pit stop at a friend’s house in Tebay. The Bed and Breakfast service was excellent and ponies were all treated to overnight accommodation in a field to rest weary travelling legs before making the onward journey. It is always worth the trip as the hospitality at the event was fantastic and even the hail storms and torrential rain did not dampen spirits in the camp! A quick change around of leaders and the Gingers found themselves back in the front to secure an important dressage score of under 65. That accomplished, all that was needed was to complete this event - famous last words! A minor blip on the marathon; broken traces, severely bent pole and a few choice words, meant that the team had to literally limp home from the cross-country course. This they did and after tense cones round once again finished in FIRST place to secure another point for the leader board.

At the end of June the team headed out again to Royal pastures as they made their way to Sandringham Estate. This is another beautiful venue for driving and camping for the week. The weather was glorious and the competition good fun and after another successful win the team secured their place to represent GB at the Pony World Championships in Breda Holland. We were very lucky to have His Royal Highness present us with our rosette and we can’t put into words how thrilled we are to be once again representing Great Britain.

We are very fortunate to have Saracen as such fantastic sponsors who have supported us for many years. The nutritionist help keep the ponies fit and healthy and on the right track, something which is not always easy as they are such good-doers! Saracen provide us with great feed, great advice and a lovely team kit. Thank you Saracen.