It’s currently the time of year for Summer Regionals. We have two regionals to go - Mount Ballan & Bury Farm where we have Dillon (Medium Gold), McCoy (Medium Gold,), Fergana (PSG Gold), Newton Dalliance (Novice Gold), Leonello (Adv Med Gold) and our apprentice Rebekah Wintle with her own Dolce Vita IV (Adv Med Silver). Lucy has already participated Somerford Park Regional with Penny Pollard’s Holme Grove Bernini (PSG Gold & Inter I Gold) with placings in top 4 and with Sam Forrest PR’s Grandio (Ele Gold) in top 10. 

McCoy has now stepped up to Adv Med with a win and Newton Dalliance up to Elementary. Our other apprentice began affiliated competition with a 69 - Kathryn Diprose. 

We aim to base our feeding with character, weight and requirements in consideration with our Saracen Horse Feeds nutritionist for extra support. Dillon needs the energy but without the sugar as this makes him a little cheeky so he is fed on Re-Leve. He is also very large >18hh so weight and muscle requirements need consideration. McCoy is very large >18.2hh so needs help with weight but is very sensitive with a massive engine so he is fed on Show Improver Cubes. Fergana has a gorgeous temperament but is prone to being overweight so she is fed Essential Balancer and now goes to an Aqua-Fit water treadmill at Hartpury. 

We cannot live without Essential Balancer at DL Dressage! We have lots of energetic horses that don’t need any energy but need the nutrients. We take real pride in our horses looking and feeling great - and we hope our yard shows that. Plus, with this awful Autumnal weather we’d be lost without our super Saracen Rugs!

Our aim is for all our younger horses to step up to the next level. We have several horses that we hope will make the step the PSG next year; Leonello, Dillon, McCoy, and Newton Domino. Dillon is becoming quite a star at home showing Piaffe and Passage with lots of possibilities. A real example that these big horses just take time, good nutrition and patience.

We recently participated in a demo with Isobel Wessels at the trailblazers championship. It is so rewarding to give a little back - especially to the grassroot riders. The weather was awful but the horses behaved perfectly. 4 Year Old Frederico was a total legend in a very spooky environment and 7 Year Old McCoy proved himself to not be as sensitive or as nervous as previously thought and behaved impeccably with everything for Adv med. 

We were sad when yard favourite Newton Domino left us for a couple of months to have some embryos taken for embryo transfer - but the good news is everything is going to plan and she will be back the end of August. 

Moving forward, we are very excited that we have an amazing team, so many top horses and lovely owners. Also looking forward to a foal by Totilas due next year and a homebred by Bretton Woods (and raised at Newton Stud) will come for backing next year. 

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