I couldn’t have been more pleased by the performances of both my horses at Belton. Denver won the Intermediate, and Spider finished 5th in the Advanced. I really couldn’t fault either of them. Spider felt as if he completed the Advanced track with ease. Just as Badminton seemed within our grasp, it was taken away from us.

The week following Belton we had to withdraw Spider from Badminton. He had a minor setback in his fitness. I was so disappointed, but we have the rest of the season ahead of us. It’s very difficult making these decisions but it is made all the easier with the amazing support of my wonderful owners, home team and sponsors and of course Spider himself. 

Charlie has such a big heart and has improved so much in the last 12 months. He has been very consistent and been placed in all his Open Intermediate runs, building up to Tattersalls CCI**. He kept us all up beat and cheery following our disappointment over Badminton. 

Justine Collins’ Winning Belle (Belle) has been very consistent in her BE100 runs so far, and she will run her first Novice at Rockingham at the end of May. I’m really excited about her future, and cannot wait to get some Novice mileage under her belt.

Hazzle Dazzle  (Harry) and Quick Decision (Simba) both 5yr olds have made a successful start to the year, both doing their first BE100 at Whitfield, they now head to Rockingham and then Shelford. Both Poppy’s Law and Cooley Code have gone to new homes, so I wish them all the very best of luck. They are both super little horses, I cannot wait to see them progress!

I have Spider’s full brother Web who is 5yo and has just started work, and a lovely new Cooley horse that belongs to Sheenagh Mudford called Cooley Now or Never (Thomas) He is just about to go to his first show.

I am delighted to report many of my pupils have been competing very successfully, I love the coaching side of things, and to hear how people have got on, good or bad! A lot of success is to do with confidence, and I try and install confidence in both the horses I ride and the people I train.

This weekend I have Chatsworth with Denver in the CIC*, and Harry in the BYEH. I love Chatsworth and can’t wait to compete there!

It takes a lot of people to complete the team to make this operation work well, and I am always grateful to everyone for their hard work and support. 

Emilie chandler 11.05.2017