Well Spring has so nearly sprung and I am thoroughly enjoying the glimmers of sunshine we’ve been having. I’ve been busy working with the horses over the winter and I’ve taken time to look at my current horse power for now and the future. I’m really excited about some new additions we’ve added to the yard, the Europeans and 2015 made me think about the future sport of eventing and what sort of horse is needed.

This has been a big influence on how I have been training the horses over the winter and having the opportunity to watch the Germans dominate yet again at Championship level also gave me an insight on what changes I could make at home to better my string for 2016.

I have spent a lot of time going back to basics training with the horses, using poles, gridwork and strengthening exercises whilst always asking for self-carriage. The horses have all enjoyed short holidays being brought back into work with lots of hill work hacking out and enjoying this milder winter we have had.

Looking ahead, I’ll be aiming Easy Target at some CIC’s in the Spring and Hasty Imp at Badminton of course which I’m very excited about.

At home I’ve been helping Max build a partnership with his new pony which is a delight to see, and my daughter Amber is also very keen to get in the saddle. Luckily our pony is very patient with them both! I am also excited about my new truck which is currently being built by Whittaker Coach Builders. I have to say the pictures of the build progressing look great and I’m hoping to have it out and about in March.

This is me out galloping today!