This year my plan to qualify the very talented Serabitibi  (BB) has gone to pot following an episode with a dog and a bucket. Seeing was to believe, but crewing for final vetting in a public park has it's challenges. Member of public appeared with dog - dog spooked, BB then jumped back landing on a bucket of water which caused her to leap forward. As her hind leg landed, it caught the overhang on her front shoe which, as the front legs took off, tore the shoe clean off. BB went from being sound to sore very quickly and unfortunately was vetted out.

All looked fine, as, before leaving for home, she came sound. However, what we now know is that below the surface, the high suspensory had sustained some damage. Although initially working her over 32km at canter did not show any signs of lameness, she started to go a little short towards the end of her training ride and upon trot up, after the adrenaline had worn off, she put in a couple of lame strides but would be sound later. Worried, I had her nerve blocked and scanned and it revealed the ligament had been injured.

BB is too talented to push and therefore will be taken out of competition and into rest and rehabilitation over the next 6 months :( Extremely disappointing as this season our partnership was stronger than ever and we were looking forward to getting the qualification for selection eligibility for next years World Equestrian Games (WEG). There is still a chance we could qualify early in the season next year, but we will have to take our time and focus on her improvement, not qualification for WEG, however disappointing it may be, I am glad to still have another special horse Kara to focus on.

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