Although this year didn’t quite go to plan, Serabitibi and Roxane du bout du Monde are now back in work and working their way back to fitness for next season.

Chikara, however, since completing her first FEI 1*, sustained an injury which was a puncture wound through the deep flexor tendon at the back of her hind pastern. At the moment the vets are a little on the fence as to whether she will return to competition so we are giving her plenty of time to recuperate. Lots of in-hand walking and the best nutrition with plenty of KERx Nano E to boost her antioxidant supply, with the hope of giving her every chance of a full recovery.

It was devastating when it happened as we had just invested the last 3 years getting her to this point in her training. Also being a home-bred, many of you will know how many hours you put in getting them to the point at which you can sit on them. It is heartbreaking knowing that it could all be over prematurely and shatter the dreams we had for her, its tough, really tough.

But as the saying goes “it’s not over until the fat lady sings” so we are staying focused and positive. I must at this point thank all the people who have sent their best wishes, it was a great comfort and inspiring hearing all your stories of success after injury. I will keep you posted with her progress through the next 12 months. 

To take the pressure off Chikara and allow her to heal at her own pace I have just acquired a 6yr old French Arab with whom I hope to qualify for the Young Horse World Championships in 2014. She started Endurance as a 5yr old and did her 20, 40 and 60km qualifiers. This year she has completed 2 x 90km, the last in Pamier France, in November 2013. She is now ready to go for the FEI qualifiers in 2014.

She was bred specifically for endurance and so far has demonstrated a good aptitude for the sport. I am so happy she is now here in the UK and joining our Team for next season. Her first task now is to learn English commands!

Themis Aya cropped

Bien !