On the 16th Febuary our Selby & District Riding Club demo took place at Ledston Equine Centre in Castleford, Yorkshire. It was a great night. Whilst I've never organised this type of demo before, I have organised business events so I was keen that everything should run smoothly. Our friend and great horseman, Shane Sullivan, was on hand to beautify the boys and help with the swap over of the horses between the demo sessions.  Tracy Garside delivered faultless session and Lau and the boys were great. What we wanted to show some great exercises that would be useful and all levels and also that you don't always need to buy 5-figure horses to event to a decent level. The event was sponsored by Saracen Horse Feeds who were on hand to give great feeding advice. 

With the eventing season now rapidly approaching, the boys have had their backs done.  Our usual physio is off on maternity leave (congratulations Abbie) but she knows our boys well and we'd like her back!  With Lau at uni preparing for her finals, it's very much back and forth at the moment for dentist and farrier, but we can't skimp on these things.  Our dentist Antony has worked with us for years. Dan, the main man, has this rather unusual response to having his teeth done in that it almost hypnotises him so have to make sure we stand well clear, as he can wobble. We've had this checked out thoroughly and, I have to say, I've never seen or heard of this elsewhere.

I think I mentioned last time that Lau has two trainers, Tracy Garside and Dee Kennedy.  The boys stable with Dee whilst Lau is at uni so we can keep them in proper work in the lead up to the season.  Bandit, whilst at Dee's, has now been allocated his very own naughty corner.  Whilst he's one of the nicest horses to handle on the ground, he dislikes other hoses close to him in his stable, turning quite territorial. At home we have two stables with rather large Bandit-foot-sized holes in, as a result.  At Dee's he's been put in a mini barn all to himself to stop him from trying to kick, bite or otherwise cause damage to any other horse that's within his line of vision, whilst stabled.  


This theme with Bandit continues into the lorries.  Our big lorry (commonly known as Tommy, after the kindly old driving instructor who taught me to drive an HGB) has stallion partitions that go all the way pretty much to the ground. He travels well in that lorry either by himself or with others, which is great because he simply can't travel by himself all the time!  In my little lorry (commonly known as Phil, after a small person with little-man syndrome, that I once knew), we realised very quickly, when we found he'd trashed the back, that he didn't like travelling with others in there. So, one completely bent head partition, one smashed viewing window and one warped ramp later, we decided he'd only ever travel in there on his own!

So, Oasby will be the first run of the season and, given our discussion, above, we'll be travelling in the big lorry!  Dan's doing the Intermediate to warm up and Bandit will do the Novice.  I think we're looking forward to it.  Oasby is, typically, very cold and often wet but the course is great and it's the ideal first run, for our boys.  We'll check back in after the event with an update on how it goes.

Good luck to all of you preparing for your first event of the season!  If you see us out and about, please do come and say hi.

Jan, Lau & Dan