I was a little nervous about doing my first Advanced test, but my training has been going so well with Michael (Eilberg) and he has really given me the confidence I needed to go out there and 'DO!'

The weather had been crazy, with the wind blowing a gale, and it certainly went up W Get Smart (Watson's) bottom as we had to tackle the outside warm up. Apart from a little "error" going down the centre line and Watson putting in two changes, a perfect halt followed and we settled. Well, you can't have it all can you!! Lol. 

Watson performed a good test and went on to finish second at our first attempt at Advanced, and then to finish the show he went on to win the Advanced Medium on Sunday by 4 points...!

Louise web large

Competing at this level of dressage is hard work for any horse, and I am so proud of Watson who just takes it all in his "stride". I am lucky to have the support of Saracen's nutritional team to ensure Watson has the right level of energy for his work, as when it comes to dressage, there is quite a different requirement from him in terms of the "questions" I ask from him in a Workers class. Luckly they have the range of feeds that suit all disciplines and all sorts of competition horses so I can ensure I deliver the energy in the right forms. 

Vale View put on a lovely show and is run by the most warm, welcoming team, which really made my team & I so very welcome! We all know that travelling and competing can be so stressful, and therefore you have to try to find your way to relax when you are off to compete. My horses travel welll, and this, along with a welcoming show, helps us to stay calm and focused.