Codham Park Equestrian Centre - Showjumping

Well, after a few navigational issues due to road closures, we finally made it to Codham Park Equestrian Centre for a bit of show jumping. 

We took Oakleigh Temple (Danny) with the aim of jumping a couple of clear rounds but unfortunately arrived too late and missed it. He still had an educational day though, gaining some experience in a warm up and jumping a few fences. 

HollyPark Canon (Pops) come out for a little trip too and jumped a nice clear round in the Discovery class. Ghost Town GT (Casper) and HollyPark Royale (Mitch) had a jump around the Newcomers course. Casper rolled a couple of poles after going a bit sticky from 3-4, but jumped a lovely round apart from that. Mitch also jumped a good round for one pole down. 

It was a lovely easy day out. No placing's, but all the boys enjoyed some time out away from the yard.

Codham Ghost Town GTCodham Oakleigh Temple pic 2

Little Downham - Novice

So a great day a Little Downham with both HollyPark Royale (Mitch) and Ghost Town GT (Casper) in the Novice. 

Casper did what I thought was his best Novice test to date, to score a disappointing 38 in a very harshly marked section. He then jumped a lovely clear showjumping round, and well cross country wise, he was just amazing, he felt so confident and sure of himself through all the tricky combinations. Unfortunately we come a bit unstuck at the last water complex after a huge jump at the B element, and a slight loss of footing on the landing, we couldn't quite get ourselves back together again for the C element on the way out. A circle later he popped out nicely, but I'm so gutted for Casper as he really deserved the double clear but that's just how it goes. 

Mitch carried on his great form with a 27.3 and a very classy double clear making it feel so easy, just a little bit of time to add cross country to finish 9th in his section. Good boys and lots of carrots all around :-)

Little Downham Ghost Town GT Casper

Brook Farm Training Centre - Dressage

We took our home bred Oakleigh Temple (Danny) to Brook Farm Training Centre to compete in two preliminary tests. He was placed 1st in the first test with 73%, and 4th in his second test with 75%. Not bad considering we only had 10 mins to warm up for his first class.  We shall be starting his cross country training soon in preparation for an event in a couple of months time. (Photo credit to - Ellen @ Sport In Pictures)

Brook Farm Oakleigh Temple

Stratford Hills – Novice and Intermediate/Novice

Another great day at Stratford Hills, although it did test the boundaries with the warm weather. Stratford Hills Brush Combination

Ghost Town GT (Casper) was in the Novice section. He did another sweet test and gave me a really good feeling. A bit of a disappointment to only score 38, but it was a hard marking section. Casper followed this up with another clear showjumping round. Cross country was a really big test for him with a lot of skinny combinations. He had a bit of a green moment at one of the angled brushes, but it all comes down to experience and him controlling his gangly legs.

We entered HollyPark Royal (Mitch) in the Intermediate/Novice, which is a nice stepping stone to see if he is ready for the move up to Intermediate.  He did a good dressage test for his first attempt, and I thought there was lots of room for improvement. I nearly fell off when mum told me we had scored 20.7!.  A cracking showjumping round just rolling one pole on the first part of the triple combination. A lovely clear cross country round finished the day. I just let him go at a pace he was comfortable with and didn't push him in the heat. He finished with just 8 time penalties to add to his score and was placed 2nd in his section. 

Looking forward to Brightling Park which is our next event in a couple of weeks time.  A big, big thank you to the team at home and show team. Without you guys it wouldn't be possible, and also a big, big thank you to Juliet Cottey and Adam Smyth for your constant knowledge and advice.

Stratford Hills Ghost Town GT picture 3Stratford Hills HollyPark Royale picture 2Stratford Hills HollyPark Royale picture 4

Stratford Hills Ghost Town GT picture 2Stratford Hills HollyPark Royale picture 3Stratford Hills Ghost Town GT picture 4

Stratford Hills Puppy Millie