On the 15th of January, we braved the cold and rain and went to Wix Equestrian Centre for our first showjumping competition, all three big boys where extremely excited to be out again. Both Mitch and Casper jumped a lovely clear in the 1.05 speed class, but Pops just had an unlucky pole.  We was unfortunately out of the ribbons this day as we were going for 'calm and controlled' round, but it was great to have them all feeling so full of beans and ready for this year. 

Paris winter sun

Back at home, our lovely 4 year old, Tyler, is coming on nicely and is really enjoying his education. He is now in full tack and working in walk trot and canter, working over poles and enjoying lots of long lining up the lane. We are hoping to get on him within the next month. Tyler has got a great attitude towards life and his work, and we are very excited about him, and to see what the future holds for him. 

We are also preparing Danny (Oakleigh Temple) for his first dressage show at the end of January. He is getting fitter and stronger with each passing day, and occasionally likes to remind us by being a cheeky 5 year old. 

All our horses are looking fantastic, and with a phenomenal shine to their coat. Saracen Horse Feeds really does give them everything they need and more. #feedthedifference

Tyler 002Pops 003