My show horses really have turned into dressage superstars – so much so that we were invited to compete in June at a fabulous show in Mallorca run by TopIberian!

I was worried about the long boat trip to Palma but all the lorries were on the open deck with the wonderful breeze and ALL the horses travelled peacefully. We stayed with Dynamo the whole way and the next morning we woke to the most beautiful scene – I had to pinch myself and say to my groom Jo “OMG, Look!” Sunrise over the Med looking at beautiful Mallorca!

Dynamo came off the lorry to be met straight away by the show vet to check all was ok after the long journey. Dynamo was shown to his room for the week, his stable was bigger than my house and he loved it.

However there was training and riding to do not lay on the beach all day, plus I was the official FEI foreign rider representative so I did have work to do.

The facilities and arenas were spectacular. The horses wanted for nothing, nor the riders, judges, grooms and trainers, this was some show! Prizes included BMW cars to all freestyle winners! Big tour and small, scooters, bikes and jewellery, you name it.  INTO THE BLUE and I came a credible 4th in the small tour overall in both the PSG and Inter 1 and as the huge prize money paid for my diesel all the way over there and back it made this dressage show on a par with the Global Champions Tour show jumping. Dynamo loves international shows as much as I do and I think that his endless energy makes him a prime candidate for long journeys and hot weather. Plus the feed that he is on from Saracen helps him achieve his best results. He gets Re Leve when he’s at home as he needs energy without the cereal, then at shows we can tweak him with Enduro 100 as this gives him some extra oomph but doesn’t blow his brain. It’s difficult knowing how to feed a hot horse that needs the energy to perform but keeping his brain relaxed. I make sure that all my horses are checked regularly by the nutritionist Lizzie Drury and formulate feed plans with her based on their workload and temperaments.

My young horse ZACK has done brilliantly in the International 6 year old classes and will do some Advanced Mediums on him soon and hope he will be my small tour horse by next spring – if he can get over his horror of other horses in the warm up.

I am now planning my next outing at the BD National Championships as I just got a wild card! We were 3rd at the regionals at Inter 1 so I'm in the Saracen sponsored class!

Both W Get Smart and Into the Blue are now perfecting their piaffe, passage one time changes getting ready for Grand Prix! 

I am doing lots of clinics this autumn so keep your eyes on my Facebook page if you want to join in and work on your show, working hunter or even dressage with me!

I have got two new puppies - Reggie and Ronnie! The Kray twins. Pug cross Norfolk so very, very cute

All our hunters are in after their summer hols and getting ready for the hunting season. So it's all systems go. I am busy getting all my pupils ready for Hoys so that's keeping me busy.