After a successful regional championships with Dark Legend aka Dino, I have spent the last month preparing him for the British Dressage national Championships.

He had been great in training and feeling in great condition thanks to his love of Saracen Horse Feeds Enduro-100, which always provides him with plenty of energy! He has a tendency to be very hot and sharp but he needs the energy the Enduro-100 provides to help him move with the expression he always shows. We arrived at Stoneleigh Park on Friday and I was pleased with how good he was to work that afternoon. There is always such a buzzy atmosphere at the nationals and you are never sure how a horse is going to cope. This is Dino's first year of serious competition so I was hoping he would be able to cope! I was drawn last to go in the medium open championships, he warmed up great and was feeling amazing but unfortunately the clapping from the next door arena during his test unsettled him. He was still 9th with nearly 70% but the scores ranged from 2 to 9.5 so at least he showed his potential!!

So, in the advanced medium I was drawn first to go and he again warmed up great apart from getting rather wet riding in the very foggy conditions. He was great to ride in the test and did a clear test with no big mistakes, which is exactly what he needs to do at this stage in his training. All his flying changes were good which I was especially pleased about! I then spent a stressful morning waiting to see if I could hold on to the lead. I was very happy when it was confirmed I had won and Dino was the 2015 advanced medium open Champion! It is a great way to end the season and I am looking forward to moving him up a level to Prix Saint George and Inter 1 in the next couple of months.I am very lucky to be riding this super cool horse!! !As always a big thank you to my sponsors and supporters who make it all possible.