Reining is a western riding competition for horses where the riders guide the horses through a precise pattern of circles, spins, and stops. All work is done at the lope (a slow, relaxed version of the horse gait more commonly known worldwide as the canter), or the gallop (the fastest of the horse gaits).

Our competition reining horse season kicked off with my wife, Vix and I taking 5 FEI horses to the British Reining Spring Show at Oakridge Arena in Newark Upon Trent. This show gave us a great start to the season, with all the horses performing really well and finishing in the top 3.

Safely home from the spring show, all the horses are in good shape and settled back into their daily routines. Leaving us with about 3 weeks to prepare those same horses for the Bodiam Garden of England Show starting on 26th May and the CRI*** competitions. We hope to qualify there for the European championships and then the world equestrian games next year held in the US.

Our yard is multi-facetted and at any one time, we are working on a number of varying projects. At the moment we have several mares about to give birth, which means Vix and I have plenty of late nights and early mornings ahead keeping an eye out for the impending arrival. We have some beautifully bred 2yo’s which are already showing great talent even at this tender age. The breaking and pre-training of all types of horses, from Reining, Polo, national hunt, showjumpers and eventers to the remedial work we do with horses that have particular issues with things such as shoeing/loading/standing still etc, keeps us busy. 

Shane Borland 11.05.2017