Our First Blog

Kama and I were lucky enough to be the 2016 Racehorse to Event Horse bursary winners and I’d like to think we have definitely made the most of it! We set ourselves goals at the start of the year to achieve a sub 30 dressage score at Novice level, complete a CIC* and to go double clear at Novice. With the help we received throughout the year, both nutritional and training advice, I’m very proud to say we ticked off each of our aims.

                      Sian Barton cicCIC aske SJ

This year we also sorted out Kama’s digestive issues. At the end of August he was diagnosed with grade 4 squamous ulcers. I was straight on the phone to the wonderful Lizzie Drury who advised me to feed him Re-leve and Equi Jewel plus as much hay/haylage as he could eat. Lizzie’s invaluable knowledge and support turned him round and after only 8 weeks he was re-scoped clear. Yipee!! It’s now all about maintaining his ulcer free status and I think (touch wood!) it’s going pretty well. Saracen Horse Feeds are my go to feed company and they played a huge part in ‘fixing’ Kama. He not only looks super duper handsome, but can perform to the best of his ability. 

Which leads us onto...

Winter training ready for our 2017 event season is underway so off we trundled to Richmond Equestrian Centre this weekend for a spot of dressage. Kama was definitely feeling well and made sure everyone knew he was there. Feeling inspired after watching the one and only Valegro retire from competition at Olympia, we entered at A feeling pretty positive with plenty of energy, we just had to channel it! We finished a respectable third in our Novice test and were the only ones doing the Elementary, but with some good, constructive comments from the judge we can do some more polishing and come out fighting in 2017. 


The shortest day of the year is finally upon us so it won’t be long until we can start hacking again in the morning before I go to work. I always find this time of year difficult to get motivated and ride after work in the dark and cold. However, 2017 event schedule plans will be made soon and new goals set which will definitely help with the motivation levels.

We would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Bye for now, Sian and Kama xxx