It’s been a busy first start to the year with Nip Tuck doing his personal best at the World Cup Final in Omaha and then Barolo taking me to be winner of both classes at Royal Windsor.

While all my top horses get the limelight and seen by the crowds at Championship shows I thought I would let you know a bit more about the ones coming up the ranks who haven’t got to international status yet. I think most people are aware that I have younger riders working for me who take the young horses to their first shows and get the opportunity to compete them up to small tour level. This is how Charlotte got started and the likes of Amy Woodhead who has now gone on to run her own family business.

Some names for you to watch for the future are Hawtins Delicato (Del) who will hopefully be ready for his first Grand Prix later this year. He has a great future ahead of him, is very talented and I am looking forward to taking him to do his first GP. Charlotte and I are negotiating who will do the first one as I already have two GP horses to compete this year so he may get Charlotte on him first!

Our next one ready for Grand Prix pretty soon will be Isobel Barber’s Ekitof. Blackie as he is known at home has a real talent for the advanced movements and while we haven’t had him out to many competitions he is one that will really shine later this year. I aim to have him do a couple of small tour classes and bring him out at GP next year. 

Our next potential is 7yo Goldfinger owned by Lady Ann Evans who is being ridden by my team member Sadie Smith. He has just been out to do an Advanced Medium and did really well so I am hoping that he will have a successful time at the Nationals this year.

One of my favourites is a lovely 7yo mare called Brioso that I found in a Point to Point yard just up the road and bought her for a steal! She has an amazing temperament and is very clever and learns so quickly. Everyone knows that I love to find a “bargain” and turn them into a star and she could be my next one. She has been quietly competing with Charlotte and did well at the Winter Championships earlier this year. 

Our baby of the yard is Imhotep a 4yo chestnut gelding who is being ridden by Rob Barker and owned by Coral Ingham. He is out doing Young Horse classes this season and did well at Hunters a couple of weeks ago. He has been in a few yard demo’s that we have had recently to get him used to crowds and introduce him to sights and sounds that he will experience as he moves on through the levels.

My plans for the year include hopefully being part of the European team out in Sweden, I will also be competing at Bolesworth, Hickstead and Hartpury as well as overseeing the education of the horses and students in my care!  

Imhotep 2017Carl Hester Barolo 1