Since our last blog it’s been all about event season prep. After it was plain to see that Kama was looking in the best condition by far out of our three horses (Darcy is Adam’s, Lady is owned by Adam’s dad and obviously Kama is mine), the only difference being that Kama is fed on Saracen Feeds, it was an incredibly easy decision to get the wonderful Sarah Rushby to come and take a look at Darcy and Lady’s ration. It turned out that their current feed really wasn’t providing a balance of the vitamins and minerals that they need and it was way too calorie rich, especially for Darcy the Warmblood who puts weight on by thinking about food! Sarah advised us to change them both on to the essential balancer and so far so good! Both horses are gobbling up their feeds, Darcy has lost a bit of his podge and they are getting a super shine to their coats. While Sarah was there I wanted her to just check on Kama weight wise to make sure that I was still feeding the best ration for him. Definitely had a proud horsey mummy moment when Sarah said he looks just perfect. I’ve been really trying to get as much forage into him as possible, especially after his ulcers last year, and have adopted the ‘cafeteria style’ way of feeding in his stable which seems to be working. I know I’m going to be biased but he is quite a handsome chap.

27 2 27 Feed


Just to continue with the horsey MOT off we trucked from North Yorkshire to Bristol and back in a day for the horses to have their teeth and backs done. Alex was all too keen to strike a pose although I’m not too sure what Kama was thinking! (PS. Sorry Alex!! :D )

2017 2 27 Dentist

With all that out of the way we could crack on with fitness work and training. We’ve been out and about showjumping for a couple of weeks, first taking Lady and Darcy to Harrogate Equestrian Centre then off to Northallerton with Lady and Kama. This year will be Lady’s first event season but she has jumped some lovely clear rhythmical rounds at British Novice level showing lots of promise so fingers crossed she continues the form. Kama hadn’t jumped at a competition since Aske CIC* in September last year so we entered the 1.00m. Whilst I was in the ring in imagined what Philip Spivey would say to us following our lesson with him through the ROR Bursary. Very pleased to say it paid off and although we had one pole down, albeit a very unlucky pole down as Kama was jumping his socks off, I really feel like we have picked up where we left off. Feeling inspired I reregistered us with British Eventing and entered our first event, Burgham Horse Trials at the end of March. Bring it on!

2017 2 27 SJ images


There’s still plenty of prep to go between dressage, showjumping, XC schooling and fitness work but I think it’s definitely a bit easier to get motivated to ride after work in the dark when we have an entry in and a clear aim with a date. Off to Richmond we will go on Saturday for some more showjumping then a trip to the gallops on Sunday. Not sure whether it’ll be me or Kama that will need the most fitness work so wish me luck!

Bye for now,  

Sian & Kama xxx