I noticed she'd really started to drop off dramatically coming into the winter months (mid-October/November '14). 

I had blood tests done by the vet as I was so worried about there being a major underlying issue, but nothing came back in the results that would relate to her weight so I tried to 'up' her feed quantities but that didn’t make a difference at all. I had her teeth checked and my yard contacted Sarah Rushby at Saracen Horse Feeds for some help and advice regarding her feed.

Boo before Saracen Conditioning Cubes 2

Sarah came out to assess Boo and provided me with a feed plan for her which was to include the Saracen Conditioning Cubes and told me I wouldn't look back!

I have to say the results were just as Sarah said. She was so much more forward in her work, her topline & muscle tone has improved and she is able to carry herself much better when schooling. She was even jumping so much better than she ever has done before!

She now looks better than ever now considering we had a big setback where she recently had to go through major surgery (29th December 2014) under general anaesthetic to remove multiple sarcoids around her rear end by laser. She's been out of work for well over a month now and is in on box rest till the area heals enough for her to be able to come back into work without them rubbing. It's been estimated that she will have to have at least another 4 weeks off!! The Conditioning Cubes have not sent her loopy in any way what so ever considering she is in 24/7 and she’s still keeping the weight on, which to me is a miracle especially as it’s the middle of winter and she has just been through the stresses of surgery.

Boo after Conditioning cubes web

Thankyou Sarah & Saracen Horse Feeds, I would not feed anything else as Boo looks amazing and loves her new feed!