"They have both improved greatly and are now eating all their hay - a lot was wasted before and now there are only a few whisps left.

Wanda is more alert and is back to being the matriarch. She was the one I was primarily worried about as she had no interest at all with the forage and would just mope about and snooze. Now its head down, this is mine and "no Tiffany you can't have any !!!!" I am amazed at the quick response and can only put it down to the Veteran Mix.

I don't like to tempt providence but I am sure they are well on the way to recovery. I won't be giving them the full amount of your feed for a while otherwise I think I shall have to enter them at Aintree for the Grand National next year !! Many thanks once again. It is a relief for me, especially in this weather, to have them back to near normal."

52484 wanda and tiffany winter 2010