I started feeding my two boys on your feeds last summer, I have a 15 year old ex-Racehorse who I event on and show at county level ROR! His name is Spencer! He is a typical thoroughbred and for nearly 7 years has being a nightmare to keep weight on especially in winter time, he would literally eat my bank account on a weekly basis! Harry my other old boy is quite the opposite- he's a 14h, 17 year old good-doer, who has been the best competition pony I could of ever wished for! Although he never loses weight regardless of how much exercise or dieting we do! But since being on your feed Spencer has never looked better and is doing better than ever, his attitude to work has improved hugely and he's winning show class after show class! He concentrates so much more when we go eventing or show jumping! Harry is also doing incredibly well! He's slimmer than he's ever been (which in 11 years of owning him- that's quite something!) he is always more eager with his jumping and he won a condition class recently! They both look fabulous and I have lost count how many people have said this in the past 6 months even in mid winter!! I can't thank you enough, and I wish I had used Saracen feeds years ago!!


          Harry - fed on Shape-Up                                              Spencer - fed on Re-Leve