I bought Daiquiri back in June 2014. He came over from Ireland as a 'weedy' Connemara with no muscle and no sparkle. Although he had just turned seven he had little schooling and I found it difficult to encourage him to move forward, even on hacks and sponsored rides!  
At the end of October I contacted Saracen to ask for their help, I wanted something that would help me get Daiquiri into good condition and give him more sparkle when being ridden. I wanted to build his fitness but not give him something that would make him too excitable. Saracen advised me to try their New Conditioning Mix.
Within two weeks I noticed the difference and he even went on to win his first walk and trot test with a score of 67%! Saracen Conditioning Mix helped to build up his muscles, fitness and get him in great condition. It also helped to bring out the sparkle in my pony! Daiquiri was always really disinterested in his feed, but now he can't wait for his breakfast and tea, he absolutely loves it! 
Daiquiri was very weak when I first got him, but he is getting stronger and stronger and I really feel the correct diet has made all the difference. We still have a long way to go in our ridden career, but we are definitely heading in the right direction with thanks to Saracen.  I can't thank Rachel and the team enough for their help, advice, support and the quality of their products. We will definitely be sticking to Saracen Conditioning Mix!
Daiquiri October 2014
Daiquiri before 2
Daiquiri December 2014
Daiquiri dressage