‘My 7 month old foal, Balou, was seriously ill last September due to a bacteria called Lawsonia that effects the small intestine and is fatal if not treated quickly. Balou required weeks of hospital treatment, plasma infusions and months of antibiotics. He ended up losing so much weight, he was just skin and bone.’

At a loss with what to do and worried about how to feed Balou when he came home from the vets Jill contacted Saracen and spoke to Rachel for some feeding advice.

‘Balou was fed Re-Leve®, Stamm 30® and a vitamin E supplement called KERx Nano-E™ as directed by Rachel when he returned home. Balou was weighed on the 1st November 2015 and then weighed again on the 3rd April 2016 and he has put on an amazing 125kg in that time! He is now started to grow into a super young man with lots to look forward to.

I cannot thank Rachel enough for all her help and for the fantastic feed Saracen produces. Rachel was never too busy to give me the advice I needed as well as any ongoing advice I ask for. All of my horses are fed Saracen Re-Leve with fantastic results’

Balou October 2015

Balou April 2016