Jenny and Jim (Ciffig Jimbo) compete in horse driving trials and since Jim has been on his new feeding regime they have come 5th in the Indoor Carriage Driving Nations that were held at Keysoe. Jenny emailed Steph to let her know how they were getting on and has this to say:

"We are delighted with the results. He started his new diet around two months ago (Janurary 2016) and the increase in energy and stamina has been very noticeable. The decrease in his waist line is an added bonus too, he feels really energised now! Without doubt this helped us achieve 5th place in the Open Horse class at the Indoor Carriage Driving National Finals at Keysoe this weekend."

Lack of staying power and energy coupled with weight gain on previous feed if he was fed the quantities required to achieve the energy Jenny was looking for led her to contact Saracen and speak to the nutritional team. Jenny says:

"This is exactly what we wanted! More stamina and particularly instant energy coupled with a reduced waistline. Additionally he "looks good" on it. I just want to say thank you to Saracen and particularly to Stephanie for all the help and advice she has given us."

Jim's new diet consitis of a 'two-part' feeding system using Shape-Up™ and Sports Horse Mix. Shape-Up™ is a low calorie balancer that will provide Jim with his daily intake of vitamins and minerals, whilst also providing slow release energy to optimise stamina due to its unique formulation meaning that it is provided in mix form and is high in fibre and oil. Jenny was also advised to 'top-up' the energy levels in the diet with Sports Horse Mix, allowing her to alter the feeding rates in responce to Jim's energy levels and condition meaning she can tailor his diet eaily to his workload throughout the year. It was lovely to hear from Jenny on Jim's progress and we think that Jim is looking fab and he clearly loves his job!