Both my international jumping horses have struggled to keep weight on during travelling and competing abroad.

In the past I have increased hard feed during heavy periods of competition and training to try and avoid them losing condition and muscle tone, unfortunately this resulted in them getting sharp and spooky and often un-rideable by day three of a CS I- the day of the grand prix.

Saracen Re-Leve has been revolutionary!!!!

Darko Supreme had got so tucked up, I thought I was going to have to stop competing him, a couple of weeks on Saracen Re-Leve and he started to put condition on. His temperament is better than ever, and he jumped one of his best rounds on day three in Auvers in the ladies Grand prix - powered by Saracen Re-Leve. 

Weston pictured above, is my other experienced horse who in the past competed off a handful of hard feed due to his sharp nature. As the demands and tracks he is jumping have increased, I have needed to feed him more for increased muscle tone and stamina.Saracen Re-Leve is the only feed to do this and maintain rideability.

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I honestly can not thank Saracen enough. The most palatable and effective feed I have found.