Sarah Penney contacted Steph on the Nutritional Helpline to get feeding advice for her horse Harry who was lacking impulsion and needed to gain muscle tone. It was suggested that Harry would suit a 'two-part' feeding system using Enduro-Performance and Essential Balancer so that Sarah could adjust the quantities of Enduro-Performance fed to suit Harrys workload and energy levels. Sarah recently contacted Steph and said:

"Harry has gained so much muscle and topline over a short period of time. He has now got that spring in his step that I have been searching for years for! I can confidently compete round a 90cm event withut the worry of him flagging and we have also achieved a personal best in the dressage phase of 24.8%."

"Changing his food was the best move I have ever made. Harry is 17hh and he really struggled to gain muscle and lacked stamina. He is now confidently jumping around 1m tracks which I never thought we would be able to do! Everyone has commented on how well he has developed and finally grown into himself. I recommend Saracen feeds to all of my friends now!"

The top picture is Harry recently competing in his first 1m class and the bottom image is Harry 2 years ago. 

 Sarah Harry Oct2016

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