Emily phoned the Nutrition Helpline to ask for some advice for Irem, her young KWPN mare, who had been imported from Holland in October 2016. Although Irem is backed as a riding horse Emily is hoping to use her predominantly for harness driving. She is quite an anxious mare and had taken a while to settle in her new home and as such was looking quite poor. In addition she was not a fan of eating her forage making maintaining her weight even more difficult. 

Emily spoke to Rachel who advised using Re-Leve alongside Equi-Jewel to help improve Irem's weight and condition whilst keeping the starch levels of her diet as low as possible to help with her temperament. In addition, as Irem was being fussy with her forage, Rachel suggested feeding a 'cafeteria' style of feeding forage. This meant leaving Irem with a large bucket of chaff, as well as hay and haylage, when she was stabled to help stimuate her natural browsing behaviours. 

Emily recently contacted Rachel to let her know how Irem is getting on since the switch to Saracen.

'It has been over a month since we last spoke. I am very pleased to inform you off Irem's update. She is still eating all of her hard feed, is still a bit picky with her hay but as long as she is offered a variety she consumes plenty. I have now backed her for riding and she was even scored a 3 out of 5 for her condition by the saddler! Very happy with that! During her 'holiday' period I noticed a real change in her physically and mentally. She is a lot less anxious and is in a great place to begin picking back up to work. We are going to a training centre for three weeks whilst I work there so we will be making the most of the facilities and before returning home will be entering our first competition. We have lots to work on but I feel confident that she will excel and remain feeling as great as what she does right now. It's nice to know she's happy. With all the effort that goes into everything else, feeding her now seems easy'

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