Clare contacted Saracen Horse Feeds back in December via our Feed Advice Form service, to get a diet plan for her horse Crunchie. She has been so pleased with the results that she has changed the diet of her other horse to Saracen as well and has been on contact to let us know how Crunchie and Flair are getting on.

When Clare contacted us, she was looking for a feed that would keep the condition on Crunchie, whilst being palatable enugh to keep him interested in eating it, whilst he was away competing. Clare and Crunchie compete at Advance Medium and are working towards PSG when at home and Crunchie has a tendancy to go off his feed when he travels away to competitions, ultimately leading in weight loss. A diet plan was developed for Crunchie that consisted of Conditioning Cubes with the option of adding some Equi-Jewel into the diet before competitions and for when Crunchie was away from home to support correct weight maintenance. 

"Crunchie has now been on Saracen feeds almost 3 months and he feels amazing! He has loads of energy but is not an idiot on it. He is now working towards advanced level dressage with the aim to do our first PSG this year! I added some Equi-Jewel and sugarbeet into his diet in the run up to the winter regionals and amazingly he ate all his feeds and even licked his bucket clean. He also ate much more haylage whilst we were away than he has done before."

"Given the results I was feeling with Crunchie I put Flair onto your feeds as well. Flair is on Enduro-Performance and balancer. He had only been on this ration completely for about 4 wks and hasn’t had that much work due to me working full time and Crunchie’s regionals. Around that time he went to BE training which comprised of 30mins on the flat and then just over an hour showjumping and cross-country session in a group with 3 others. Wow what a difference! My trainer thought he had muscled up (and grown! but lets not think about that as he was 17.3hh already) and I had so much more energy throughout the whole session. Normally in a session like that, even when he was fitter last summer, he would have tired in the cross country session at the end, however he had loads left in the tank this time. So far they are both feeling so good and they love the feed! Flair spends time licking his manager clean after eating. I am so glad that I decided to change and ‘feed the difference’ as I am certainly feeling the difference!"

"A few months on and Flair is now working at medium on the flat and jumping out of his socks! We have also just been selected to respresent the Northern region at the BD Senior Inter regional competition at Novice level at Keysoe."


 Crunchie 1


Flair 1 

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