Lucy contacted Saracen Horse Feeds in October 2016 after she had taken on an ex-racehorse who was still in racing condition and needed help with weight gain over the winter months. Ozzy came to Lucy in July 2016 and was straight out of racing, she has recently updated us with how he has been getting on since she started using Saracen Feeds.

"I got Ozzy last year and he came to me with all his racing muscle, it just dropped off and he lost a lot of weight before going into winter. I tried many different feeds but I saw no improvement until I contacted Saracen Horse Feeds. I had a diet plan set up by Steph, using a combination of Re-Leve® and Equi-Jewel®, which we followed and within a couple of months you could start to see the difference."

"He seems to be a lot happier on the Re-Leve®, compared to his previous diet and it also smells so good which helps with him being a little fussy. He has filled out, and we are currently focusing on building his topline muscle. Steph has been a great help with all my numerous amounts of questions. She always has an answer and piece of advice which put my mind at ease knowing I could contact someone if I had any doubts."

Top - Ozzy October 2016

Bottom - Ozzy May 2017

Lucy Harkelroad Ozzy before and after


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