Jemma Bailey contacted Saracen Horse Feeds in September 2017 to get some nutritional advice for her new horse Ballylee Lad. Jemma was struggling to find a balance between enough energy and too much energy as she didn't want Ballylee Lad becoming fizzy. 

After speaking to Steph on the helpline, it was recommended that Jemma tried Ballylee Lad on a NEW product called Competition-Fit Balancer to provide him with a balanced diet as he was only having a small amount of feed. Competition-Fit Balancer was recommended to help provide Ballylee Lad with the nutrients that he requires on a daily basis and also to provide good quality protein sources to help build muscle as Jemma was worried he wasnt getting enough for the work that he was doing.   

"I regularly compete my horse in eventing and therefore he needs the nutrition and energy. However he easily gets 'hot headed' meaning it is difficult to get the balance right, without fizzing him up. Ballylee has kept an amazing athletic, lean and conditioned body shape despite the decrease in grass and nutrients. Also his coat has become silky and healthier looking. Even though Ballylee's energy and stamina has increased, he has not become hot headed or fizzy."

"Saracen were extreamly helpful throughout the difficlut decision of changing my horses diet heading into the winter months and were always willing to answer any querys I had."

Competition-Fit Balancer is a highly nutritious, low intake performance balancer in the unique form of a mix and is flavoured with spearmint and natural mint herb to keep tempting the appetites of fussy feeders. Quality sources of protein are included to ensure a supply of essential amino acids to help support muscle development, cell renewal, tissue, and muscle repair. Competition-Fit Balancer also contains highly digestible fibre sources to help support and encourage a healthy digestive system and microflora balance in the hindgut, as well as helping to encourage water intake and water retention in the hindgut to maintain hydration. An inclusion of micronised cereals not only help to support additional palatability but will also help to ensure that muscle glycogen and energy reserve stores are not depleted, thus supporting optimum recovery rates post exercise, and reducing the onset of early fatigue. Competition-Fit Balancer is fully fortified to ensure that when fed at low intakes optimum levels of vitamins, chelated minerals and antioxidants are provided to ensure a balanced ration, whilst essential amino acids and minerals also helps to maintain good coat, skin and hoof condition. Key antioxidants, including vitamin E and selenium are included to help protect the muscles against free radical induced damage, thus helping to support the recovery of muscles and general overall immune function and health.

Competition-Fit Balancer is also an ideal product for horses that may be suffering from potential digestive discomfort. The feed contains the optimum inclusion of a live yeast as well as Acid Buf, a marine derived buffering agent which through feeding trials has been proven to help support the optimum environment of the stomach and hindgut, helping to manage those horses with compromised digestive function. The use of a live yeast has also been shown to help support feed and forage digestibility and maintaining a stable gut microflora population during times of stress, e.g. travelling, competing or sickness.

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