I bought Dazzle in 2012 and after his first winter with me, it was clear that he felt his age (24) and didn't winter very well.  So now with winter just around the corner I decided to contact Saracen to get a personalised feeding plan.  

I ideally wanted something simple that would suit both Dazzle and my pocket!  I received some fantastic advice from Rachel there.  Her advice was just what I was after.  I was amazed at the in depth response I received back and the feeding plan was perfect.  Simple yet cost effective.  

Dazzle was recommended the Veteran Mix and not being a mix fan I looked up the nutritional info for the mix straight away and was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the starch level was in fact a lot lower than the horse and pony cube I was currently using.  

I didn't delay and bought the mix straight away.  I introduced the mix gradually and Dazzle being quite a shy feeder tucked in with so much gusto that I felt a sigh of relief!  

Since changing over to Saracen I have had various conversations with Rachel since on Dazzles feeding plan, as with a huge influx of grass due to wet and warm weather things needed to be tweeked slightly.  

Rachel has been there every step of the way, even looking at photos of Dazzle's condition and ensuring that we were doing exactly what was right for him.  This winter I hope things to be very different from the last and with Dazzle enjoying his feed and the feed offering him superior nutrition, I believe that this winter, we wont even see a glimpse of the sad, slim pony I had last year. 

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