‘I bought my horse, Percy, 10 months ago, but have known him a few years. I kept my other horses at a local trekking centre, so got to know Percy very well. He was always known as Percy Plod due to being very slow and uninterested in much at all. He was used for the complete novices to ride and was a popular horse due to being so safe. The centre closed down and I had the opportunity to buy him, so did! I always believed there was more to him and was proved right after a few months of owning him. He has a really cheeky character, is so loving and kind but at times acts like an overgrown pony and can be rather naughty! He wasn’t poor when I got him, but I enjoy taking great care of my horses so contacted Saracen for some feeding advice. I wanted to help improve Percy’s overall condition, energy and add bulk to his slight frame.’

Vicki phoned the helpline and spoke to Rachel in our nutrition team. Rachel suggested feeding Show Improver Mix to Percy to help boost his energy, weight and condition. After 6 months Percy was doing so well that Vicki swapped him the Show Improver Cubes as he no longer needed the additional energy provided in the mix!
Vicki goes on to say ‘Percy’s entire body has filled out. His coat shines and he is more alert, much more forward going but still sensible. I can’t recommend Saracen and the helpline enough!’
May 2015
 March 2016