I am a huge fan of Equi Jewel, a highly digestible rice bran supplement and I can confirm it is very effective at supporting and maintaining condition and topline.

My horses receive Equi Jewel and very quickly exhibit stunning coat gloss and bloom.  I really think that Equi Jewel is ideal for many different competition horses and those that strugle to hold their weight, but especially suits those in the show ring.

Below is an image of my ex racehorse Noland who I have had some great success (and fun) with this year.  Noland was lacked topline and muscle over his quarters when I started his re-training, and just a few months on, he is a picture of health and I put this down to a good training program and quality nutrition. 

Noland 4 months after Saracen

Noland before saracen equi jewej

Above - Noland 4 month's earlier