I just wanted to let you know, how thrilled I am with your products. Re-Leve has always been a staple for me along with Equi-Jewel and your balancer for my 17.2 KWPN Mr Darcy, however I have been struggling to find a balance with my Cob. After speaking to one of your nutritionists earlier in the year we decided to switch his feed around and he has been on Enduro-Performance for a few months now.

The difference has been incredible, he has always been a very willing boy giving 110% everytime I ask. This year he feels different again, stronger, more powerful and more stamina. Last month he went and won at the KBIS Novice Winter Dressage Championships, and two weeks ago he only went and qualified for HOYS in the show cob!!

What makes this more incredible is that I rescued him when he was 3 weeks old from a railway line where he had been dumped. I feel good nutrition is so important to help my guys perform at their best and you guys make it easy and headache free by producing such good quality trustworthy products. I am extremely excited to be riding my boy at HOYS he has no idea how special he is.

I just wanted to say thank you Saracen x

Lucy is a registered farrier covering South Wales. For more information please visit her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LucyHamblettDipwcfRegisteredFarrier/?fref=ts