Tammy really struggled to find an appropriate feed that Stirling would eat, and then she came across Show Improver Mix.
Here, Tammy explains the results she has had.
"Sterling is my best friend as well as my beloved horse, and when you think so much of your horse you want them to enjoy what they eat and Sterling was having none of this veteran mix "malarkey" as he still feels he is a two year old.  
I tried him on Saracen's Show Improver Mix and have never looked back. Whilst being fed Show Improver Mix, his condition has maintained incredibly well, he always has enough energy for the work he is doing, and his temperament remains manageable. 
Whilst on Show Improver Mix he has won a number of shows:
National Hickstead Champion
Champion at the Norfolk Show
Veteran Horse Society Champion, over 25
Placed 1st at the Suffolk show and he also won a local championship
Sterling at Hickstead jpg
This picture taken above from Hickstead speaks volumes."
Thank you Saracen