"In January my horse Tia was diagnosed with intestinal malabsortion after drastic weight loss through the winter. Things were not looking very positive but I was then advised to come over to Saracens to speack to one of the nutritionists. Which I done and spoke to Natalia Davis who was very helpful and talked us through a number of options feed wise to try and help Tia regain her weight. Later that day Natalia got in contact with feed suggestions which included Saracen Show Improver pencils, Alfa A, Equi Jewel and an increase in hay. Tia has now been on this feed since the beginning of February and has gained over 50kg in weight and looks fantastic and I have now been told by the vet that I can start riding her again to build the muscle up. So I would like to thank Saracen for helping me to achieve this."

Gemma Bassett-Burr