In September 2013 Colette contacted Saracen as Blue, her traditional dressage cob, was struggling to maintain good energy levels after a colic operation. One of our in-house nutritional advisors suggested feeding Blue Essential Balancer with a small amount of Enduro-100 to boost his energy levels. This was working well until November 2013 when Blue picked up a virus and showed raied liver enzymes. Colette again contacted Saracen and was advised to remove the Enduro-100 from the ration but keep Blue on the Essential Balancer to provide a high level of nutrients, especially anti-oxidants to help his recovery.

In early Januray 2014, once Blue was back in work, some oats were added to the ration to provide an additional energy source, whilst being suitable for a horse with possible liver damage (although his liver enzymes were back to normal by this time). The KERx supplement Nano-E, a natural vitamin E supplement, was also added to help support Blue's immune system and provide him with the extra boost he was lacking. The change in Blue has been fantastic and Colette shares her experience here:

I have owned Blue since 2006 when he was 3yrs old. Blue has competed successfully in showing and now competes in affiliated dressage. In December 2011 Blue had a colic operation and then in 2013 suffered a liver problem. I was really struggling to get Blue back to his old self and back on form. Blue had a lack of impulsion and struggled to maintain his energy throughout a dressage test so I contacted Saracen and was really impressed with the in depth feeding advice I received from Rachel.
Rachel advised me to put Blue on Essential Balancer which I duly did but Blue still lacked energy so I contacted Rachel once again who advised me to add some oats into his diet and suggested putting Blue on Nano-E. The result has been fantastic!! Blue is now much more energetic and lively and is certainly back to his old cheeky self!!
Blue has won his first 2 BD Elementary freestyles to music with 74% and 73% and he will be out shortly competing in Medium freestyles which would not have been possible without the fantastic feeding advice I have received from Rachel!!
Many thanks Rachel!!

Blue April 2014

Colette Hinks - Blue - April 2014

Blue July 2014

Colette Hinks - Blue - July 2014