"A year ago you helped me to formulate a diet for my 7 yr old Quarter horse who was having muscle soreness problems.

A year on, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with him. We have gone on from strength to strength, working slowly through a program of building him up correctly with the help of a trainer.

He had problems coming back to work last year after a spell off due to snow, so this time I put him straight on to the Nano e, increased his Shape Up which I had reduced while he was not working and he has come back trouble free so far. Its so good to know that I just have to give him his Shape up and he is fine. He has almost no winter coat as he is rugged up, in at night and out during the day. He shines like a wet otter and everyone says he looks fantastic. He has grown (Or pulled him self up) another inch at the front, is no longer bum high and is an unexpected almost 16hh (his mother was 15'1 and his father 14'3)

Hope you like the enclosed photo and thanks again"

Linda Carroll BRECON

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