Amy Carter contacted us after receiving feeding advice for her horse Danny in June 2017 via our Feed Advice Form service, to let us know how Danny has been getting on with his recommended diet of Re-Leve and Equi-Jewel.

Amy was finding that although Danny had enough energy for work, he was easily stressed and unsettled and was not recovering well after periods of harder work or after competitions. Amy spoke to Steph, who suggested she swapped from her current diet, onto a combination of Re-Leve and Equi-Jewel. Re-Leve is a product that is well suited to horses that are naturally more energetic but may also be the type to worry or become easily stressed. Re-Leve provides a high level of energy in the diet through 'super fibre' and oil sources meaning that the energy provided is slow release, helping to maintain a calm and trainable temperament. Re-Leve also provides calories in the diet to help with correct weight maintenance, meaning that the reliance on cereals within the diet is greatly reduced. Pairing the Re-Leve with Equi-Jewel meant that Amy could increase the calorie density of Danny's ration whilst keeping meal sizes small and could tailor his calorie (energy) requirements to the work that he was doing. 

"When I contacted Saracen, I was finding that Danny was struggling to maintain his weight. His coat was dull and he had lost his sparkle and was lacking stamina. Since moving Danny over to the recommended feeds, he is back to being cheeky and lovely and has the nicest coat he has ever had coming out of winter - he looks like he is coming out of summer! He now has plenty of energy to keep up with the work he is doing, whilst not becoming silly and is eating really well instead of kicking his feed bucket everywhere, which instantly stopped when I made the switch to Saracen. I have been recommending this feed to lots of people who have all been just as impressed as I am with the results in their own horses. Danny now looks forward to each meal time, and the smell when I open a bag of Re-Leve is fantastic! A huge thank you to the team at Saracen for such fantastic products."  

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