Harry Bateman is a young showjumper based in Essex. He starting feeding Saracen Super Fibre Cubes 18 months ago after a yard visit from Saracen Feed Advisor Rosie King. Rosie regularly visits Harry's yard to make sure the young horses remain in tip top condition whilst they are growing and maturing. 

Harry says:

'I have a small yard of 9 horses almost all of which are competing 4, 5 and 6 year olds. This means I had to find a feed that would help achieve weight, condition, inexplosive energy and keep concentration along with a full balance of vits and mins. In just 2kgs I can achieve this easily and all my horses look incredible and seem to have the consistency to match in the ring. They always look and jump top dollar. The turn around after feeding Saracen's Super Fibre Cubes is so quick it's amazing how much is achieved in so little time which is important when preparing competition horses for shows after breaks.'

Below are a couple of before and after photos of Harry's horses.

Zuniel VD Tojopehoeve is a 5 year old mare. Below is an image of when she came to Harry and a photo of her winning the 5yr old class at the Northcote Stud Young Horse Championships In June 2017

Before and after photos of Prince Obolesnky, a 5 year old gelding owned by Ingrid Wood now competing in Foxhunter classes with Harry


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