Juliette Huckstep contacted Saracen Horse Feeds to get some advice for her new horse - an Ex-Racer called Balgarry. Juliette had contacted Saracen before for advice for one of her other horses.

"I have used Saracen feeds before on my old RoR with great results! I bought Balgarry, another ex-racehorse to retrain who was very different in character to my other horse and wanted to ensure he was receiving a balanced feed. I also wanted to ensure that his new feeding regime suited his work & energy levels whilst maintaining his weight and topline as his body would change with the new work expected."

It was recommended that Balgarry was fed Super Fibre Cubes - "Since using the Super Fibre Cubes, I have found that Balgarry has enough energy to perform the work required of him without becoming fizzy. He has a beautiful shiny coat (without using products or washing) & is very happy in his outlook. I get many comments about how fit & well he looks. Whenever I contact the feed advice line they are always very helpful & give a good balanced response. I feed the products as I can see the results, with no need to add in balancers. The cubes are also very versatile as in the very cold winter weather Balgarry loved them made into a hot mash!"

Balgarry BeforeBalgarry Photo Flatwork

Balgarry before Super Fibre Cubes (above) and Juliette riding Balgarry (left)