I started Maisie on Super Fibre Pencils after some feeding advice from Kate. The aim was to feed the fibre pencils along with Equi-Jewel to help improve condition and weight gain due to Maisie losing a lot of both wintering out but without her getting to excitable. I started the fibre pencils first in mid february which Maisie loved. She had a habit of leaving her feed for haylage but as soon as the pencils were introduced this soon stopped. Unfortunately we had some bad luck with an injury and then a bad case of colic which resulted in surgery followed by box rest. The fibre pencils were a God send after surgery as they soak amazingly well. I loved the fact that they absorb so much water so it was really easy to keep Maisie's feed soft yet palatable so that she would still eat it. Also made it really easy to add powdered medication to her feed. 

This is one of the best feed products I've found and I've really seen results since feeding them. Thank you Kate for recommending them! Photo attached of her in full tack on Monday followed by a gentle lungeing session today.


Maisie July 2016

Testimonial Maisie