Ella contacted Saracen for some feeding advice for her 15.2hh Part Bred Arab Aly's Estrella De Rock (aka Rocky Rockstar!) Ella was competing Rocky in 80km endurance rides hoping to step up to 120km. She needed Rocky to have a little bit more energy and topline but as her Mum rides Rocky during the week, when Ella is at University studying to become a Vet, it was also important keep him calm! 

Ella had been feeding Rocky Re-Leve and Essential Balancer as his base diet and then introducing some Enduro-Performance before a competition to give him that little bit more energy. As his workload has increased Rachel adviced taking the Essential Balancer out of the diet and adding in Equi-Jewel to help support topline development. 

Ella says:

'Along with extra schooling, his topline has greatly improved. He has plenty of energy, which is obviously needed in our sport! He's looking great and when we took a step up this season and attempted his first FEI 2* 120km race he not only finished in great condition, with energy to spare, but has come out of it better than ever.

This season Rocky's two main accomplishments have been winning an FEI 1* 80km race and coming second in his first ever 120km, which crowned us Endurance GB National Young Rider Champion 2018! We've always loved Saracen feeds as my previous endurance horse, EAS Boadicea, also competed up to FEI 2* level purely fed on Saracen! Also, on your advice, we use KERx Restore electrolyte which is massively important - especially when Rocky's 2* was in 30+ degrees heat!'