Magic and Shirley 5

Victoria contacted Saracen Horse Feeds and spoke to Steph on the helpline.  Her mare was scanned in foal for the first time and she wanted to know more about the different dietary requirements she now had. Magic has recently retired from competition and has always carried her weight well, however she has lost topline since being out of work.

Victoria said "I chose to contact Saracen for advice as my other horse is being fed Saracen Show Improver Cubes and I have had such positive results with many comments from passers-by at how well he looks."

Steph recommended a 'two-part' feeding system comprising of Stamm 30 and Level Grow-Mix. To start with, it was recommended that Magic was fed just the Stamm 30, as she holds her weight well, and it is very important not to let broodmares become to heavy as this can cause complications for the foal and during foaling. In Magic’s last trimester we tweaked the feeding regime to help provide her with the nutrients that she needs, by adding in some Level-Grow Mix. During the last trimester it is a good idea to add in something like the Level-Grow Mix to ensure that the mare will be provided with enough energy for the increased rate of foal growth and to help her through the foaling process.

Victoria comments "She has maintained her weight well and gained topline, as well as providing for her foal fantastically. Shirley has a natural topline and a lovely covering of weight. I am keen to see what the future holds for this pretty filly and have no intentions of feeding her anything but Saracen in her lifetime. We have another foal due next year and Rosie, my other mare, will be fed on Saracen the same as Magic."

Shirley is due to be shown in the foal classes this winter and will be shown as a sport horse in county shows next year. We are so grateful to Victoria for sending us through some photos of the extremely cute Shirley and we cannot wait to see how she does in the future. 

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