Getting the balance between condition, power and performance throughout the season can be problematic for many hunt horses. One option for those carrying too much weight or with an excitable temperament would be a two-Part feeding plan, pairing our balancers with a performance feed to create the optimum balance in energy. Providing flexibility in feeding ensures that you can maintain a controllable temperament whilst using readily available energy to give you the extra oomph when needed. 

William Beddal has been feeding a two-part feeding system to his daughters horse 41 which consists of Competition-Fit Mix and Essential Balancer. Competition-Fit Mix is an instant energy, fast response mix that utilises a variety of cereals to provide energy and optimises power generation. The cereal inclusion supports natural recovery patterns with the replacement of glycogen post exercise, whilst fibre and oil sources provide long lasting energy. Essential Balancer is a low starch, low sugar pelleted balancer which is used to top up the nutrients in the diet to ensure all the correct vitamins and minerals are provided on a daily basis.

'This is 41 and my daughter Freja out hunting at the United Pack Meet and at the end of a long season. 41 has been fed exclusively on Competition Fit Mix and Essential Balancer and he goes like a million dollars over 20 fences including challenging hedges’ William Beddal.

If you would like more information on two-part feeding systems please feel free to fill out our Feed Advice form or call our nutritional team on 01622 718487.