Ross contacted Rachel on the Saracen Horse Feeds Advice Line after his horse Scooby had dropped weight.

We contacted Saracen when Scooby was not feeding up well. He'd had two moves in quick succession and, though apparently happy in his new home, was struggling to add weight, while also being a bit, well, fizzy! Rachel gave us some great advice, we took him off Livery Pencils and on to oat free Conditioning Cubes. This really helped. Scooby has put on 50Kg and is close to his optimum weight now after a few months, and his temperament has really improved too. We've been to four BE events since the change, which is a step up in class for rider Alfie (13), but the pair of them are doing really well, having completed all four. The great thing about Rachel is the time and care she took over her recommendations, and the continuing support - I'm now in regular touch, and feel like we've got a proper nutrition expert as part of our team. Thanks very much from all of us!

Before - January 2015

After - June 2015